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Montgomery and local ambulance service reach an agreement


The City of Montgomery and a local ambulance service have reached a compromise, but not before a heated debate over the company's license.

The confusion and drama surrounding Excelsior ambulance service seems to be resolved.

"Basically the comprise is my client Excelsior Ambulance will just handle VA calls only and will not take part the 911 calls or the private calls, Attorney David Henderson said.

Right now Haynes and Care ambulance companies service all 9-11 calls throughout the river region.

That will stay the same and this new ambulance company will only have a contract with the VA hospitals in Montgomery and Tuskegee.

Representatives from all three companies agreed to this comprise.

"There's not enough revenue stream to support three ambulance services in the city of Montgomery. We don't think there is a need for three ambulance services in the city and so the city council has agreed," Haynes Ambulance Chief Operating Officer Kirk Barrett said.

Here's the controversy:

First, Excelsior has already been operating without a license.

Next, only providing service for the VA hospitals violates the current ordinance which requires an ambulance service to be in the 9-11 rotation with the two other ambulance service companies.

Now the city council has agreed to give the company and operating license with an exception to the current ordinance.

"It was going to be some problems with the existing ambulance services. We looked at the statistics and we were satisfied. It's going back to legal on how the ordinance will be done," Montgomery City Council president Charles Jinright said.

Haynes ambulance service receives about 27 thousand ambulance calls a year in Montgomery.

Right now, the attorney for this new ambulance service plans to have something in writing tomorrow between all three ambulance services to the turn into the city council.

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