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Storage facility tosses man's belongings into dumpster

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Imagine having your possessions, basically everything you own, tossed into a dumpster. Then, imagine being told than you're welcome to dig through the trash and retrieve what you can.

A storage facility made an error, and a Belton man is unhappy that management wouldn't immediately set the mistake straight.

"Pictures, videos, my grandmother's ashes. I thought they'd moved it to another unit. I didn't expect that all my stuff would be thrown in the dumpster," Anthony Mora told KCTV5 News.

Mora had rented a unit at Central Self-Storage in Belton. The company said it was an honest mistake, and they feel badly about it. But, if Mora wants his stuff out of the trash bin, he needs to pick it out himself.

"There was no lock on their unit, which is a requirement here when you store. So, it was just kind of an honest mistake that unfortunately happened," said Central Self-Storage Manager Nate List.

An independent company Central Self-Storage uses to clean out old lockers had Mora's unit listed as vacant. So, they threw everything out just days after Mora had moved it all in.

"I was kind of in shock to be honest because it's literally everything I own," Mora explained.

Now, those possessions sit in the dumpster. Mora said he didn't put them there and he expects the Central Self-Storage to get everything out and put it all back in a unit.

"It was appalling to me. I don't feel like I deserved that at all, I paid for the unit fair and square," Mora said.

Central Self-Storage said the cleaning crews will gladly help Mora get his stuff out of the dumpster, but that won't happen until they return next Monday.

KCTV5's DeAnn Smith contributed to this report.

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