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Parents frustrated over mixed messages about Tuscaloosa Co. HS lockdown

Source: Judson Garner Source: Judson Garner

Was it a routine weapons check or something else? Some parents are still wondering what really happened Thursday that put Tuscaloosa County High School on lockdown.

Worried parents contacted FOX6 News with questions about why the lockdown took place for over three hours.

The school system says it was just a routine check of weapons and other items banned from campus. Principal Mark Franks even sent out a letter saying the drill consumed a large portion of the school day. He said instructional time was lost and inconveniences were experienced.

Franks says providing a safe school environment for the students is of greatest priority.

Initially the sheriff's office told FOX6 News the school was on "semi lockdown" because someone allegedly said there was a weapon on campus.

Parents say in cases of these types of drills there needs to be better communication all around.

"I understand the drills. They're trying to get stuff, that's fine, but then again don't wait until everybody is freaking out all over the place," said a parent who wished not to be identified.

Tuscaloosa County Schools said they do not announce these drills in advance.

The sheriff's office says they did this drill at the request of the school system. FOX6 tried to get more reaction from the school system but our calls haven't been returned yet.

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