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Tips for easing into Daylight Saving Time

If you already struggle with getting some good shut-eye, the next few days may be even more challenging because of the time change.

"The spring change requires that you go to bed or go to sleep earlier and get up earlier and that's harder for some people. It's similar to a jet lag feeling you might have," said Dr. Kelly Brown with the Vanderbilt Department of Neurology.

Brown says the change in spring is more difficult for people to deal with than the change in the fall.

"It's dark in the morning when you wake up, and the sun in the morning actually works on your brain and lets your brain know it's morning. The sun hits eye and travels to your brain and shuts off melatonin production," Brown said.

Experts recommend giving yourself a few days to adjust. After a few weeks, if you still have that jet lag feeling, you might want to check in with your doctor to see if there's something else going on.

Some tips to help:

  • Try not to stay up later than normal
  • Go to bed early Friday and Saturday nights
  • Avoid alcohol because it disrupts sleep
  • Get outside and exercise

The extra sunlight will not only give you a chance to get the blood pumping but will also allow you to catch up with friends.

"It's a way that we renew our connections, that we bolster our spirits, our sense of community. We feel a little bit less alone and that makes a lot of us feel better," said Dr. Scott Bea with the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors say workplace accidents tend to go up the first few days after the time change. They say it's harder for people to sleep and can affect their ability to pay attention on the job.

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