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Residents say landlord gave them one day's notice to vacate their apartments

Norwood Gardens Apartments. Source: WBRC video Norwood Gardens Apartments. Source: WBRC video

A group of north Birmingham residents say they're being kicked out of their apartments with only a day's notice.

Marcella Strong is one of them.

"I don't know where I'll go. I ain't got nowhere to go," she said Tuesday morning.

She's one of several residents at the Norwood Gardens Apartments who received a lockout notice Monday and Tuesday saying if rent wasn't paid in full by the end of the day, all their property will be removed.

"I asked him nicely if we can stay until we find something. He said ‘No. You got till tomorrow'," she recalled, referring to a conversation she had with the landlord.

Also Tuesday, those same residents who received lock out notices say someone representing the apartment management changed the locks on their doors. The notice said if those locks are removed to get back in, criminal charges would be filed. To complicate matters many residents say they don't have nor have ever had a lease.

"He tells me he ain't got time. When he gets time, he'll come," says Robert Banks. "I call him, tell him I have his money, give me a lease...ain't got nothing."

So we asked an attorney if it is legal for a landlord to change the locks with such little notice.

"There is no occasion where a landlord can change locks on a tenant occupying a unit," says Kimberly Perkins of K. Perkins Law Firm, LLC.

And what about the promise to put a tenant's property out within a day or two of notice? Perkins says there is a specific procedure landlords must follow even if the tenant has not paid rent, as several of the tenants FOX6 spoke with admit they have not done. Still, landlords give tenants at least seven days notice if they want them to vacate. They must the go through court procedures to if they want to evict.

"A tenant can't be surprised," Perkins said. "There are several levels of steps to evicting a tenant that are in place so they don't just find themselves displaced."

She says if the landlord shows up to evict them, tenants should call an attorney immediately. The Norwood Gardens Apartments are owned by Robert Hall. His company is Rent Man, LLC. It is registered with the Secretary Of State's Office but Hall does not have a business license for the apartments with the city of Birmingham.

FOX6 tried to speak with Mr. Hall and the management representative on the property Tuesday. They declined to comment on the matter and told us to never call again.

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