Leslie Bailey's “A Top of the Morning Breakfast For St. Paddy's Day!”

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - WSFA 12 News Alabama Live recipe for Wednesday March 22,2014

"A Top of the Morning Breakfast

for St. Paddy's Day!"

1 container of Bisquick pancake mix

cooked bacon strips

green food coloring

butter softened

powdered sugar


Make pancake mix according to directions. Add a few drops of green food color and blend until smooth. Spray pam on griddle. Pour an oblong amount of batter onto griddle just before flipping, top with crispy cooked bacon. Pour another layer of pancake mix ontop of bacon and flip and continue til cook til done. Take softened butter and blend with powdered sugar and a kiss of green food coloring...blend well and serve with shamrock green pancakes!