Editorial: "Open Book"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The audit of the Montgomery Public School system following the interposition by the State Board of Education has been completed, submitted and reviewed by the MPS Superintendent, Margaret Allen.  The specifics in the audit were not immediately made available by Superintendent Allen to the board or the media, but we are told that this detail is forthcoming. The good news is State Superintendent Tommy Bice believes all the problems cited in the audit can be corrected.

The word transparent is so overused these days, but applies perfectly in this situation.  In order for the Montgomery Public School System and the MPS Board to regain the public's and each other's confidence, transparency is paramount; the first item on deck is this audit.

I don't completely understand why the audits results weren't immediately delivered to the board and the media (and thereby the public) following the findings release by the state, but as long as they are in the process of being made available, that is fine.

Because of the issues in the past the leadership of the Montgomery Public Schools will need to always be mindful of how parents, teachers, business leaders and the public at large view their handling of important items such as this.  We look forward to seeing your 30, 60 and 90 day plans in action attacking the audited areas of concern so our public school system can move beyond the past and create its own bright future for all to see.

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