Audits released for Montgomery Public Schools - Montgomery Alabama news.

Audits released for Montgomery Public Schools


WSFA 12 News has obtained the audit results of the State Interposition member meeting with Montgomery Public School students, teachers, parents and administrators and through observation of classes.

The information in each of these final summary reports is based on state observations and should be considered subjective. Some of the comments included in the reports are not factual, as they came from parents and students.

The State Department of Education contends MPS has made great strides and improvements at the central office and campuses since these audits were conducted. Dr. Tommy Bice says he's pleased with the progress and future plans to correct issues found in the audits.

The reports will be used by MPS schools to form 30-60-90 day plans to improve based on cited issues.


[DOCUMENT: MPS Audit Plan (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Audit Trends within Feeder Patters (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Montgomery County School Audit Trends (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Brewbaker Intermediate School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Bellingrath Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Brewbaker Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Brewbaker Primary School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Capital Heights Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Carver Elementary School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Dannely Elementary School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Davis Elementary School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Dunbar Ramar School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Garrett Elementary School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Goodwyn Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: McKee Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Southlawn Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Carver High School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Georgia Washington Middle School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Jeff Davis High School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Lanier High School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Lee High School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: FEWS Alternative School (.pdf)]

[DOCUMENT: Morris Elementary School (.pdf)]

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