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What's happening on Alabama Live!


Yesterday marked the first day of Spring and to celebrate we are bringing you a fashion show! This show features all the latest clothing styles for spring. Vickie Larence from the shops Eastchase will be joining us to talk about these fashions and where you can get them. 

Do you have a legal issue that you need resolved, or a legal question that you want answered? Today is your chance to get your answers! Alabama Live's segment "Ask the Attorney" is back on the show today and Montgomery Attorney Gibson Vance will be here for you! Look for the number at the bottom of your screen, during the show to call.

It is puzzlingto see the abundance of job openings in Alabama yet also realize that manypeople are struggling to find work. A new organization has been formed tobridge the gap between available jobs and job seekers in five Alabama counties. The East Alabama Workforce Investment Network just made it's debut earlier thisweek. Live on the show Executive Director, Alfred Davis will be here to give you all the details.

Meteorologist Josh Johnson says, "It'll be hard to beat this weather today - highs head for the mid 70s with a bright, beautiful blue sky and plenty of sunshine. No rain, a light breeze - this will be a fantastic Spring day." What will the weather look like for the rest of the weekend? Josh will give you the latest.

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