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Protecting your plants during the early Spring freeze

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An early Spring cold-snap means you'll need to take action to protect your blooming plants.

Garden experts say many people took a risk, planting so early in the Spring because there's always the chance of a late freeze. But not all flowers and plants are in danger.

Charles Stone said, "I just heard about the freeze. I want to make sure it was inside." Stone just bought a $120 Bonsai tree, so he's not taking any chances with the approaching freezing weather.

Stone said, "It's a juniper, an evergreen. It's pretty tough. It's half-way indoor, half-way outdoor. It's on the edge but I want to make sure it's protected inside."

Jimmy Rockett with Bug Juice Gardens says some plants will be fine on Tuesday night. "I would say everything that has flowers, shrubbery with flowers. We get a hard freeze and those flowers will go ahead and get burned. It won't kill the plant, just burns and plant starts over again."

But he says if you've already planted annuals or plants with seasonal colors, you need to take steps to protect them.

Rockett said, "Possibly annuals, things like begonias or impatiens. Those things don't like the frost. You can just bring them in, but if you already planted a bed you can't go dig those up. You can drop a sheet across and that will help."

Steve Hanna at Hanna's Garden Shop in Birmingham says he's getting ready to start preparing his business for this late freeze. And he talks about a product he's recommending to his customers called "N-Sulate". "It's a frost cloth. It breathes, lets air in and out, but it also keeps frost off. We use it here on our plants. Tomorrow we'll spend the better part of the afternoon covering our flowering plants, annuals, perennials."

Hanna says you can also just use a sheet, blanket or burlap to cover your plants. He says don't use plastic - it doesn't allow the plants to breathe and it doesn't prevent them from freezing.

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