Editorial: "Playing with Fire"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Every single day when I'm driving I see men, women, young and old driving distracted while texting or emailing on their cell phones; day after day people playing with fire and lives as they operate a two ton motor vehicle while not paying attention.

Can you imagine for a moment if you were on an airplane in flight, the cockpit door was open and you saw the pilot staring down at his phone instead of actually flying the plane?  You would be infuriated!  Why?  Because that pilot would be risking your life and the passengers on that planes lives selfishly and unnecessarily.  Why don't we get as mad when we see this on the road or worse yet, why are we doing this ourselves?  I'll tell you why, because nothing bad has happened to us or those we know… yet. Talk to the person that killed someone by running them over while texting and I'll guarantee you they would give anything to have never looked at that phone while driving in the first place.

So please do yourself and everyone else a favor starting today; if you have your cell phone with you in a car put it somewhere that is out of your reach.  That way you won't even be tempted to look, send or answer anything coming your way.  I'd rather make someone wait a couple minutes to return their text or email than make them wait a lifetime because I've killed myself doing something that I shouldn't have been doing and I knew better.

It can wait…don't text and drive.

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