Alabama runs out of lethal injection drug pentobarbital - Montgomery Alabama news.

Alabama runs out of lethal injection drug pentobarbital

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Alabama has run out of one of the drugs used to execute death row inmates.     

Clay Crenshaw, who heads capital litigation for the state attorney general's office, says Alabama currently does not have access to pentobarbital, the first drug in the state's three-drug execution process. He says there are 16 death row inmates who have exhausted their appeals and are awaiting execution, but the state has no pentobarbital to use.     

The Alabama Department of Corrections, seeking to open up new suppliers, is pushing for legislation this session that would keep execution drug sources secret.     

Crenshaw says death penalty opponents want to uncover the sources so those suppliers will stop providing the drugs.     

He says the difficulty in obtaining pentobarbital has slowed the pace of executions.

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