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ALDOT says substance dumped along Hwy 31 in Alabaster is chicken feces

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Brian Davis with ALDOT says someone unloaded several pounds of chicken feces in a ditch at the corner of U.S. Highway 31 and County Road 26 in Alabaster.

It created a smelly mess that ALDOT crews had to clean up last week. FOX6 News spoke to Dale Wyatt and others who live close to the illegal dumpsite.

"It is real bad. You can't even go outside and cut grass it smells so bad," Wyatt said.

One person told us the smell lasted about two weeks and they thought it was a dead animal.

Davis says people complained about the horrible smell which is how city officials were made of aware of the problem. He says it took an ALDOT crew half the day last Friday removing the stinky mess, and a slight smell still lingered on Tuesday.

Wyatt claims he's seen more of the waste.

"It's dumped all down if you go down this road. They need to get fined, that's what I think," Wyatt said.

While only people in the area were disgusted by the stench, Davis says every taxpayer is affected because tax dollars paid for the cleanup. Davis says all the waste filled a quarter of the bed of a dump truck. He believes workers with a hauling company illegally dumped their load at that site.

The Alabaster Police Department has increased patrols in the area. If you see anything suspicious you're asked to give them a call 205-663-7401.

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