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MFD graduates first female firefighter in nearly 25 years

Shree Bostick Shree Bostick

The Montgomery fire academy graduated 33 trainees Wednesday. One of them is the first female graduate since 1990.

"This is the most physical thing I've ever done," Shree Bostick said.

And that's really saying something for the 28-year-old. She never imagined she'd be a firefighter until training officer Lt. Donald Crenshaw approached her.

"I walked into the gym one day and noticed her on the treadmill and walked up to her and asked if she wanted to be a firefighter, and that was it," Crenshaw said.

Bostick has never been shy about trying new things or pushing herself to her physical limits.

"The physical test always seems to be most difficult for most females, so I had to train for it," Bostick said.

She already holds degrees in both Criminal Justice and English, and she played women's semi-professional football. She also played basketball, ran track and played softball in college. She has been in the U.S. Army and worked for two years in Homeland Security as a TSA agent.

"Shree is a tough individual," Lt. Crenshaw said, adding that Bostick proved it at the Montgomery Fire Academy.

"I ran probably at least two miles each day running up the drill tower, doing at least 200 pushups a day, situps, squats, squat thrusts, new exercises I never heard of but figured I would learn them anyway since I was there," Bostick said.

And Lt. Crenshaw says Bostick didn't stop there.

"Even throughout the academy, when they were doing things, I would still see Shree at the gym working out," Crenshaw said.

Bostick will be stationed at Station 9 -- the MFD's newest station inside the Montgomery Mall building.

Despite all of her accomplishments already, she says this is just the beginning.

"Probably in the next year and a half to two years I'll go to paramedic school, and I'll get my paramedic license, well my advance EMT is first, then my paramedic license. I look forward to getting my master's degree in the next three to five years as well," Bostick said.

Realizing now she's somewhat of a role model for other young women, she's hoping to set a strong example. '

"Females can do anything. I believe we're stronger than most men," Bostick said.

The only other female firefighter is Fire Lt. Shea Smithson, who graduated from the Academy 24 years ago and is now assigned to the Emergency Medical Services Division. 

Only four other female firefighters have ever worked for the Montgomery Fire Department.

Congratulations to Ms. Bostick and ALL the graduates of this class!

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