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Grassroots organization providing dog houses to those in need


A grassroots organization called PAWS or Providing Animals With Shelter is gaining momentum in Birmingham.

Through PAWS, co-founder Melissa Kendrick works with owners to create a better environment for their animals.

Her 6 year old pit-bull Savannah is a testament to what one person's compassion can do.

Melissa said when she got her, "she was just skin and bones."

A year ago, Melissa noticed Savannah next door. She was malnourished and in need of medical care.

Melissa asked the owners if they needed a dog house and if she could adopt Savannah. "A year ago, she was 34 pounds and had no hair and now she's 70," said Melissa.

That compassion has spread throughout her neighborhood in East Lake, one dog house at a time.

She collects them and goes door to door asking owners if they need one for their pet.
It all started with one dog in need in her neighborhood.

"There was one day that it was raining and the dog was just pressing himself up against the tree and I just felt so bad," said Melissa.

Melissa, her sister and other volunteers pick up and deliver dog houses throughout the state.
She and others drive up and down allies and search for homes that have chained up dogs that may not have shelter.

"I generally just go and knock on the door and say hi, I'm your neighbor from down the street and tell them where I live and say I've got a dog house and I saw that you have a puppy in the backyard and ask them if they want a doghouse," said Melissa.

Since she began doing this in 2012, only one person has turned her down. Melissa knows her group can't shelter all the pets but she said she can still make a difference. "It's a drop in the bucket but I'm not going to be able to help all the dogs but if I can help one or two more and my sister, April can help one or two and Ann can help one or two then that's that many more dogs that are not suffering out in the cold or maybe do get the vet care that they need," said Melissa.

Melissa and the other volunteers work solely on donations.

If you would like to help you can visit these links:

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