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Is Alabama's law banning texting and driving working?

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Texting. (Source: WBRC video) Texting. (Source: WBRC video)

On Sunday night, a pedestrian was struck by a car and killed in Oxford. Police say the accident was caused by someone texting behind the wheel.

Alabama's ban on texting and driving went into effect in 2012 to prevent incidents like that, but is the law working?

Detective Michael Mangina with the Irondale Police Department said, "There's been a lot of my officers that have seen it, but couldn't prove at the time that they were texting."

Irondale Police Detective Michael Mangina says he believes the law is working by educating drivers about the dangers, but he says it's been tough for his officers to enforce it.

Mangina said, "Because you've actually got to see the driver with the cell phone in their hand texting or reading a text."

Mangina believes there are many drivers his officers don't catch, but as for the four tickets written in the past 10 months, the culprits have been easy to spot.

Mangina said, "They (officers) will actually see both hands on the cell phone texting. They're swerving all over the road."

Personal injury attorney Ken Riley says since the texting ban went into effect he's seen many claims of bad wrecks and injuries where a driver is accused of texting and driving.

Riley said, "We're talking about serious brain injuries, talking about paralysis type issues, talking about even death."

Riley says there's one case where a driver tried to lie about texting just before an accident. But the truth came out in court."

Riley said, "In cases we suspect texting and driving we will subpoena those documents which will show whether or not someone was texting and driving during that period."

Mangina says it's unfortunate a pedestrian died in Alabama by someone distracted because they were texting.

But he says he hopes a tragedy like that will help to wake people up so they'll change their habits.

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