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Volunteers strive to help with ACA sign-ups

Those who begin the signup process by Monday may receive extensions to finish applying. Those who begin the signup process by Monday may receive extensions to finish applying.

President Obama announced Thursday that more than 6 million people have signed up nationwide for health insurance coverage, with days remaining until the cutoff deadline.

Earlier this week, the president made more extensions available for those who start the process before Monday's deadline. If you have problems signing up, there are people available to help.

Many opportunities are available if you are confused or have questions. A group of college students have made it their mission to see the remainder of Alabamians sign up.

The non-profit group Bama Covered held an informational meeting at the Huntsville-Madison County Library Thursday. Dozens showed up to receive help and learn about their options when it comes to health care.

Shankundula Sanders is one of the dozens to receive such assistance. At age 18, she said she is in need of affordable health care. "It's good to have because no one expects a tragedy or anything to happen. Having a job, it only helps you pay a little bit because you're only making like $7.25," she said.

Organizer Kureisha Ford said being young helps her relate to the hundreds of young adults who need help. It's one of the ways she hopes to attract people to sign up. But how do you reach the people who don't attend the meetings? Ford said it will take more effort from more volunteers.

"I feel like there could be more outreach – not just by Bama Covered, but other non-profits and people in the community stepping up in general," said Ford. "There are still a lot of people who do not have the information. I know we're not going to reach the 600-and-some-odd thousand, but we are trying."

To see a list of more opportunities for assistance from Bama Covered, check the schedule on their website.

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