It's just another manic Monday - Montgomery Alabama news.

It's just another manic Monday


Last week on Today in Alabama the Montgomery Police Department unveiled a new service to keep your home safer. This service helps homeowners identify things around their house or neighborhood, that criminals could see as an easy target. Today on the show Corporal D.A. Hicks will tell you the benefits to this service and how you can sign up!

Do you have a question about your pet's health, or just about pet's in general? You're in luck! Today the Pet Vet segment with Dr. Bill Van Hooser is back on the show. Dr. Bill will answer all your questions and as always will be bringing a furry friend. Look for the number to call during the show. It will be featured at the bottom of your screen.

Meteorologist Josh Johnson says, "Today will be a charmer. High temperatures skyrocket into the mid to upper 70s across Alabama. A blue sky filled with sunshine will warm us up quite nicely; dry weather and a light breeze will make it even nicer. As far as the weather is concerned, today is a winner." Can we expect this weather to continue throughout the week? Tune into Alabama Live to get the latest forecast.

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