Guest Editorial: "Viewer Feedback - Medicaid Expansion"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A WSFA 12 editorial two weeksago chided Governor Robert Bentley for continuing to refuse to expand Medicaid underthe Affordable Care Act, forfeiting federal funds now totaling $750 million.

Most of the comments wereceived to that editorial were in disagreement.  For example:

"Medicaid is broke … wedon't need to throw more of our money away until we find a solution to fix theproblem."  Roy

"375 million now and 375million more in April that taxpayers across the nation won't have to wonder where it went."  Melanie

"…when the state startshaving to pick up the tab for that expanded Medicaid program in a few years,where do you think the money will come from?"  Gerry

"An expansion for Medicaidis moving in the wrong direction. The goal is for everyone working to get offof things like that. Not adding more to."  Mandy

Some did agree with theeditorial.  For instance:

"It's criminal forGovernor Bentley not to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.  How many liveswill be lost for his political grandstanding?"  Richard

As always, we welcome yourcomments.

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