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Alex City woman finds renewed life in church dance group


Jesus once said we all had to carry our crosses.

Rosheka Henry-Hargrove feels she's done that many times in her 33 years, a journey in which the road often became unforgiving and rough.

"I have faced giving up," Henry-Hargrove said.

Starting at age 15, a basketball coach tried to take advantage of her at school.

"At that point, I felt I had no choice but to drop out," Henry-Hargrove recalled.

An early marriage ended when her husband suddenly left.

"He left on my due date of my second child," Henry-Hargrove said.

It was one personal crisis after another for Rosheka.

"It just seem to me, that's all I was getting," Henry-Hargrove said.

Fast-forward ten years, and you'll find Rosheka Henry-Hargrove in charge of the Warrior of Praise dance group at her church, the Word of truth Ministries Church in Alex City. This is Rosheka's way of channeling hardships into something she considers inspirational, lessons into a silent testimony of praise.

"We choreographed it and after that performance it just blew up," Henry-Hargrove said.

By 'blowing up', Henry-Hargrove says the Warriors of Praise team is now performing at venues outside the church. There are 14 members that make up the Warriors of Praise.

Members of the dance team credit Rosheka's creation for saving them from making really bad choices. Melanie Rembert came close to marrying the wrong person, an 'abuser.' Rembert joined the dance group a month ago, and shudders at the thought of where she might be today without Rosheka.

"I stand before you today much stronger," Rembert said.

By her own admission, Tomeka Jackson needed to be rescued from the streets and partying. Jackson became a member three weeks ago.

"I've lost count the number of times I woke up hungover," Jackson said. "This is my calling and I enjoy it."

The personal growth has been a two way street for Henry-Hargrove.

"They've helped me more than I've helped them," Henry-Hargrove said. "They've inspired me and given me a purpose. It's been a phenomenal thing."

A phenomenal thing, all because of one woman who decided to give life another chance.

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