Guest Editorial: "One more scandal"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Tuesday the attorney general's office announced the arrest and conviction of Representative Greg Wren for violating the state ethics law by using his office to provide information to a private company that paid him $24,000.

The announcement also said that Wren's plea was negotiated in light of his cooperation with the state, marking a significant point in the ongoing investigation.

Those words certainly suggest that Wren's cooperation could lead to more arrests, indictments or convictions, and pundits across the state are speculating about who may fall next.  So I won't pile on.

As sad as it sounds, assuming the worst possible outcome in this story may not be the wrong bet.

More convictions of public officials in Alabama would simply keep our state on a statistically based list of most corrupt states in America.

In just the past 10 years that includes the Don Siegelman, the junior colleges and the gambling corruption scandals, but it goes back as far as Guy Hunt… and it doesn't seem to matter what party is in charge.

What can we do about our state's reputation?  Not much but live with it.  But we can hold public officials accountable for being honest and ethical.  And remember that we put them in office, and we will get the chance to vote again.

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