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A LeTourneau University world record in 3D

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LeTourneau University in Longview is not known for breaking world records, but Friday they gave it a shot. They got their hands on a hundred and eight computers and a hundred and eight 3D printers, and a hundred and eight students to run things, and made a run at it.

The previous record was thirty-nine, and as KLTV's Jamey Boyum discovered, they had to get at least fifty printing at the same time to satisfy the Guinness World Record requirements.

"We're breaking a world record and we're using 3d printers," said Letourneau freshman Mackenzie Davies

"We've got 108 3D printers in the room and we're trying to get all 108 to print simultaneously," explained Emanuel Villiger.

"It's basically on my bucket list since birth," said Davies.

"We're printing little ones like this but they'll be thicker," said Villiger holding up a plastic gear emblazoned with a LeTourneau University logo.

"The most interesting part of this is there is a white printer sitting over there. That was the first printer we made and two years ago we had a professional printer, the big box printer. The white printer was put together by students and it printed the blue and yellow printer over here and those printers printed all these other printers. So these are all student-made with things that were student-made. So you have some fourth great-grandchildren of the printers sitting here today," said Mechanical Engineer Dr Jesse French.

"It looked like it wasn't going to go for you for a little bit there," I said to Shane Frankenfield who had been waiting for his printer to start.

"It just took a while to heat up the bed, but after that it wasn't a problem," Frankenfield said.

"There you go we have a world record, 102 3D printers printing at the same time," announced Dr. French.

Only six of the printers didn't print, so the new world record will be 102.

And the printers are getting used. Some students are making some extra money printing things, like parts for more printers for fellow students.

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