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Birmingham's new arena football team plays 2nd game

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Football season is over until the fall, but fans are getting a spring football fix in Birmingham.

A new arena football team, the Alabama Outlawz, played their second game Friday at the Bill Harris Arena in Five Points West.

"Birmingham is a football town...this is hard-hitting, fast-paced football and we're playing when football is out of season so when people still have urge to watch football, we're here," Lee Ellison, owner and head coach of the Alabama Outlawz, said.

The Alabama Outlaws are the first arena football team in Birmingham in 10 years, since the Birmingham Steeldogs.

"There hasn't been an arena Football team here in a while excited about just the whole idea of it," fan Sue Johnson said.

"They don't give up hardworking. they want to win, want Birmingham to get behind them support them," Jessie Johnson, the quarterback's girlfriend, said.

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