Ala. Legislature spent money with Hubbard company

File Photo: Mike Hubbard
File Photo: Mike Hubbard

A spokeswoman for Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard says she wasn't aware that a company he partially owns got paid about $11,000 by the Legislature during the past two years.

Hubbard spokeswoman Rachel Adams told The Decatur Daily that Hubbard is a minority investor in Craftmaster Printers and is not involved in daily operations.

State financial records show three payments of $2,754 since April 2012 and one in March for $2,834.

Secretary of Senate Pat Harris says he approved the most recent expenditure for folders that hold resolutions passed by legislators. He says Craftmaster was cheaper than a previous supplier.

A state Republican Party audit in 2012 showed that when Hubbard was party chairman in 2010, a Florida company hired by the party subcontracted $752,262 of work with Craftmaster.

Information from: The Decatur Daily

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