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Motion to freeze Toadlick Music Fest's assets withdrawn

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The show will go on for the popular south Alabama Toadlick Music Festival after an advertising company agreed to drop its court motion attempting to freeze the venue's assets.

Will Matthews, attorney for Montgomery-based advertising agency Walker360, says the company withdrew its motion to freeze Toadlick's bank accounts until it paid approximately $50,000 in money dating back to 2012.

Toadlick CEO and founder Chris Gilbert said the timing of the lawsuit was planned. "This was a deliberate attempt to make us look bad and put a cloud over the festival. There was never any risk at all of the festival not going on as planned," he said.

Officials with Walker360 and Toadlick Entertainment, LLC. met in Houston County Circuit Court Thursday morning with Judge Larry Anderson. The parties agreed to meet again and work out the exact amount that is owed. They plan to settle the dispute outside of court.

Walker360 claims it's owed $50K while Toadlick says the disputed amount is closer to $33K.

Confident that the suit would not silence the music, Gilbert, who was named in the filing, said Wednesday that organizers were busy at the National Peanut Festival Fairgounds, "getting everything ready for the show."

Gilbert said there are no problems with the venue paying its bills, Gilbert says Toadlick has paid the ad firm more than $150,000 for expenses for last year's event. "Eighty-four percent of what was billed, we paid," Gilbert said. "This dispute is over a small portion of the total," Gilbert said.

The Band Perry, Merle Haggard, REO Speedwagon, and other acts are set to perform between April 24-26.

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