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Montgomery gardeners prepare for late season cold snap

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After nearly a week of beautiful weather and warm temperatures, many people have probably started on their gardens for this season or may have decided to start that beautiful flower bed, only to discover they will have to be covered up.

David Funderberk has been in the gardening business for 32 years. He's the owner of Little Mountain Growers in Montgomery.

"We didn't expect it and we just have to deal with it now," Funderberk said.

He says this past winter has been the most challenging, and just when he thought winter was over another cold snap comes along.

"This is the first year I can remember that we've had to do this twice in one season because we already had to move things in once before," Funderberk said.

Now they're moving 80 percent of their plants inside.

"It's a drastic change for the plants to have to deal with, as well as us," Funderberk said. "We have to protect them and there's certain plants you have to protect a little bit more than others."

"I knew it was going to be cold," said Johnny Mitchell, a Montgomery Gardener.

Mitchell owns a large garden off Ryan Road. He says he had a feeling another cold snap would happen, so he planned ahead and didn't plant his watermelon, cucumber and other crops.

"You always plant after Good Friday," Mitchell said.

A family tradition that he says dates back all the way to his great, great grandmother. Now he says he'll just wait to see what Mother Nature has in store.

Both he and Funderberk pray for plenty of sunshine and a nice summer for the harvest.

Funderberk gives this advice, if you have bedding plants; he said you can put a sheet over them. If you have tomato plants, he says you can put a bucket on them for protection.

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