DOUBLE VISION! Montgomery elementary school has 12 sets of twins - Montgomery Alabama news.

DOUBLE VISION! Montgomery elementary school has 12 sets of twins


Your eyes aren't crossed, you've just entered the twin zone at Montgomery's T.S. Morris Elementary School.

The school has so many twins that it decided to declare a day just for them. All twelve sets were honored on Twinsday. That's Wednesday, April 16 for those of you without a brother or sister born just a few minutes from you.

School administrators from the 24 students together for a special event including meeting adult twins. The adults talked about what it means to be a twin and other surprises.

Many of the children's parents came to the special event, including one mother who says she's expecting another set of twins!

The school has two sets of twins in kindergarten, two sets in first grade, three sets in second grade, one set in third grade and a whopping four sets in the fifth grade.

Twins can be either be "identical", meaning they developed from one zygote that splits and forms two embryos; or "fraternal", meaning they developed from two eggs, each fertilized by a different sperm cell.

The rate of twin births in the United States has climbed more than 75 percent since 1980 with some 33 twin births for every 1,000 single child births.

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