Editorial: "Hands Off!"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Hands off!  That's what every parent of a student wants to say to a teacher, coach or substitute teacher with desires other than educational, related to our children.  This year alone in our area a female teacher at a Selma High School, a male teacher/coach at Stanhope Elmore and a male substitute teacher at Alabama Christian Academy have all been arrested for having sexual relations with a student.   Instances of this happening are sad and shouldn't take away from the good work the thousands of hard working Alabama teachers are doing with our children each and every day.

You may be surprised when you Google student/teacher relationships you find as many instances of female teachers having inappropriate activities with male students than you do with male teachers with female students.  So you must be aware and pay attention with what's going on at school with your sons as well as with your daughters.

So how do you do that – become more aware?  A good place to start is to settle for nothing less than 100% access to your child's texts, social media accounts and email accounts.  Follow them on Twitter and Instagram and friend them on Facebook.  Texting and social media platform communications is a gateway to these relationships and parents need full access to all.  This is not a cure-all to stop every case of student/teacher relations from forming, but it might just tip parents off to something fishy going on in enough time for them to stop it.

Final words for those teachers and coaches that are contemplating crossing the line with our kids both legally and morally, we say this … "HANDS OFF!"

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