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Class Act Award Winner: St. Bede Elementary teacher practices patience, compassion


Patience and being quiet are not usually two words you would associate with a room full of first graders but this week's Class Act tries to use those attributes to make a difference.

For teachers like Tina Rutland at St Bede Elementary School, teaching is much more than a 9-5.  "We take a lot home, we come up here on the weekends quite a bit so the day for us doesn't just end at 3," says Rutland.

Parents and colleagues praise Mrs. Rutland for going above and beyond to meet her student's educational needs, case in point, she holds tutoring sessions before school two days a week. 

"I can see the progression, those guys that were struggling readers have taken off now and they're in my tutoring sessions all year, it's rewarding to see the progress they make," she says.

Mrs. Rutland attributes much of that progress to reading and she focuses on the subject, making sure her first graders are prepared for the years ahead.  "That's such a big foundation, that's what I strive to teach the children the best is reading," says Mrs. Rutland.

The 17 year teaching veteran can't imagine doing anything else with her life and that level of compassion is present in her classroom.  Her soft-spoken demeanor is attention grabbing in itself and parents call her a "godsend" to their children.

"I'm very patient, very patient with the children, I do a lot of redirecting, if I see them off task I can redirect them.  I do it in a very patient, compassionate, quiet, very patient way. I think the children respond to that very well," says Rutland.

Congratulations Mrs. Rutland, you're this weeks' Class Act!

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