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Victim gives account of shooting at Good Friends Chinese Restaurant

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A customer who claims a restaurant owner shot at her after she complained about finding a bug in her food gave her account of what happened at the Good Friends Chinese Restaurant two months ago.

Jatari Walker laid out her version of what took place the evening of Feb. 6 in court on Tuesday.

She recalled riding with her sister and cousin to the Good Friends Chinese Restaurant in southwest Birmingham and ordering the combination rice and an egg roll.

As they got their food and pulled away, Walker says she bit into her egg roll only to look down and see a cockroach inside.

She told her sister to return to the restaurant. Walker claims that when she walked inside, admittedly angry, she asked for a refund but restaurant owner Chun Ching and his wife ignored her.

Walker said eventually, they gave her a refund, about $8 in all, and as she turned to leave, she said she heard a shot. Ching had fired the gun. He was later charged with attempte murder.

"She was very nervous on trial," Henry Penick, Walker's civil attorney, said of his client after the hearing.

"This has been a traumatic experience for her. She's gone through counseling and trying to recover from it," he said.

Birmingham Detective Chris Lampley says officers found the bullet in a floodlight that would have been above Walker's head.

The bullet's placement, Ching's attorney says, shows his client didn't intend to injure Walker. The attorney added that Ching also never threatened to injure Walker.

"That's a key element in attempted murder," attorney Carl Chamblee, Jr. said. "You have to prove the intent was to kill and not one person interviewed has said that."

When Walker went back to get her refund, her sister and cousin followed her in. Even when she left after the shooting, Walker says her relatives stayed behind another five to ten minutes, until they also got their money back. Chamblee says that's key.

"Everybody in the store knows he didn't intend to kill her, didn't intend to shoot her. That is not what happened," Chamblee said.

But Penick says because the shot wasn't aimed at Walker's sister and cousin, it's reasonable they may not have felt threatened.

Penick says they have filed against the restaurant's insurance company seeking an unspecified amount of damages. The restaurant lost its business license in March.

The case was bound over to the grand jury.

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