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Rep. Terri Sewell asks U.S. Attorney General to investigate Greene Co. bingo raids

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A group called the Greene County Committee for Civil Rights is hoping their voices will be heard over the recent electronic bingo raids in Eutaw and Knoxville.

"We want attention to the crisis that is going on," Carol Zippert, a committee member said.

The group feels the state violated their voting rights by shutting down the bingo halls they voted for and passed in 2003. Attorney General Luther Strange says illegal gaming was taking place.

"That had gone too far. Our voting rights mean too much to us for folks to just say well yeah you voted for it but it doesn't mean a thing," Zippert said.

Congresswoman Terri Sewell's office requested the U.S. Attorney General's office look into possible voting rights violations. We're told over the past few weeks a representative from Attorney General Eric Holder's office spent time investigating in Greene County.

"I think its really important that the voters of Greene County who voted to have electronic bingo have their voices heard," Sewell said. "And this has been very disturbing to me that we've had repeated raids in Greene County."

The civil rights committee is calling on everyone to stand up for whats's right.

"If they have issue with us then let's go to the court of law. That's part of our democracy in this country. That's all we're asking for," Zippert said.

This Saturday, the Greene County Civil Rights committee will host a rally for justice outside Foster's Auditorium at 11 a.m. on the University of Alabama campus.

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