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Indictments handed down in bizarre Tallassee child sex abuse case


A grand jury returned indictments in what was originally labeled as one of the largest child sex abuse cases in Elmore County. The initial case against Stephen and Brandy Conrad shored up more than 100 charges, then took a bizarre turn after allegations surfaced that an officer coerced confessions from Stephen Conrad.

It's taken one year to unravel the complications with Stephen and Brandy Conrad's original cases, and ABI to rebuild an entirely new investigation. Now, District Attorney Randall Houston says he's ready for trial. The case is so graphic, involving handcuffed infants and incest, that it's unfit for publication.

A grand jury returned a combined 21 counts against Brandy and Stephen Conrad. Stephen faces 14 counts: 4 counts of sexual abuse of a child less than 12, 2 counts of first degree sodomy, incest, 3 counts of rape first, sexual torture and 2 counts of forcible sex abuse. 

Brandy Conrad was indicted on 2 counts of child sex abuse, 2 counts of first degree sodomy, first degree rape, incest and sexual torture.

Houston says this case will be a challenge. "It's a unique set of facts as it pertains to a case. Unfortunately, the part that is going to cause me the most problems has nothing to do with the actual crimes that have occurred," he said.

Houston is referring to former Tallassee Assistant Chief Chris Miles, accused of forcefully coercing statements out of Stephen Conrad. This tainted the original case, forcing the judge to drop the majority of the charges, many of which were baseless. 

"Everything that was originally done [by Tallassee Police Department, Chris Miles] was reinvestigated by ABI, so they started over.  Yes, they went down the same roads, they interviewed some of the same witnesses and came up with some of the same conclusions, but not all the same conclusions," Houston said. "The victims we have in the cases we have indicted were all victims that we knew about in the original case." 

No arraignment date has been set. 

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