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Family seeks refund after unfinished construction

The Kane family says their contractor did not finish the work they paid for. The Kane family says their contractor did not finish the work they paid for.

An Athens family says they've had it with a local contractor. For months, they've been waiting for work to be completed on an addition to their home.

They say they've paid for a job, but the contractor never finished, so they reached out to WAFF 48 News for help. 

Debris and piles of concrete outline what was supposed to be a new front porch for the Kane Household. The porch was the idea of his elderly father.

In December, Mark Kane went to Angie's List and Craigslist and found Coggin's Home Remodeling. He hired the owner and contractor to build a porch addition and update the bathroom. 

"He showed us a business license and insurance, we were like wow, we're good to go," said Kane "However, it's been nothing but a horrible situation."

The Kane family was told it would only take a week to complete the job, but months later, the lack of work has created new problems. 

"The water damage is from where he tied into my roof, and when I called him about coming to fix it in an emergency, He said he would be there in the morning and we've never seen him again," said Kane.

They said they have heard plenty from the contractor - by emails. Some of them are as follows:

I don't want to start now because I can't guarantee you would have a working bathroom before Christmas. I am so sorry for the delays.

I have the flu and don't want to bring it to your house. I am taking $800 off the total bill and hopefully will be there Thursday morning.

The following month, the Kanes received this email:

I know I said I wouldn't need more money before finished, but I am over budget on projects and had to pay bills. I need to get a final deposit of $2,300.

The latest came just last week, with the subject line "So sorry."

I have done ya'll bad and I apologize. I am so embarrassed and ashamed of myself for all the problems I have caused ya'll. I will be there Thursday morning, 7:30 to fix roof and assess the damage caused and start fixing it.

Again, he was a no-show.

Coggin's Home Remodeling currently has an "F" rating with the BBB for not resolving a customer complaint. The business has had three complaints in three years.

The owner, Nicholas Coggin is not licensed with the Alabama Homebuilders Licensure Board, something that's required for a job like the Kane's where they say they paid him more than $10,000.

The business is registered to a home in Madison. We stopped by to ask about the lack of work, but got no answer. After leaving a business card and a message by phone, Nicholas Coggins called back. He refused to go on-camera but admited to "falling behind and messing up."

Coggins said he wanted to make it up to the Kanes and will work on getting them their money back. As for the "F" rating, he said he took care of the complaints personally and he has more positive customers than he does negative. However, the listing on the BBB website still reflects a negative rating.

Back at the Kanes', work is moving forward with a new crew correcting the problems. They said their next step is finding a lawyer if the money is not returned.

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