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Mobile police probe 'Spice' in deaths of at least 2, multiple life-threatening cases

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Photo Source: Mobile Police Dept. Photo Source: Mobile Police Dept.

An investigation by the Mobile Police Department is underway after at least two deaths, possibly related to the synthetic marijuana substance commonly known as 'Spice'.

The police department says the deaths come at the same time as an unusually high number of cases are being reported in which patients have been admitted to Mobile hospitals with life-threatening complications.

The patients, from a wide variety of demographics, are suffering severe symptoms including hallucinations and life-threatening heart conditions.

Mobile police say the Spice, or Mojo, comes in a variety of packaging and the substance looks similar to marijuana.

But investigators say they have yet to identify the chemical that the material is being treated with, but they're confident it is causing life-threatening side effects.

Efforts are underway to trace the source of the drug and to assess the magnitude of the situation. 

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the drug to contact the Mobile Police Department.

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