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Northport considers letting councilors play a bigger role in retail development

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Monday, the Northport City Council will consider changing the city's retail development policy for the second time in less than two years.

Council President Jay Logan recommended the changes. He did not attend an open work session Monday afternoon where the idea was discussed.

The new policy would allow council members and some city staffers to play a bigger role in attracting businesses to Northport and negotiating incentive packages with prospective developers. Some questioned if there should be any changes at all. Previously, the Director of Retail Development was the point person in these business deals. The position has been vacant since the previous director retired last year.

The city council was still responsible for final approval of any deals and incentive packages. Currently, Northport City Administrator Scott Collins handles those responsibilities. He tells FOX6 News some developers have concerns about bringing more people into business negotiations.

"They're looking to get their business or development prepared in such a way that it can be successful and they don't necessarily want everybody in the community knowing what they're trying to plan and what they're trying to do. I can't blame them. They're success is their business. We just want to be a partner in that," Collins said.

The Northport will vote on whether or not to change the policy at Monday's city council meeting.

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