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FDA rules e-cigarettes 'OK' for local businesses


Thursday, the FDA released new regulations for electronic cigarettes, and those who sell e-cigarettes locally say the new rules are welcome.

"Selling to minors, (providing the FDA) an ingredient list - these are things that everybody in the industry likes," said Ben Denny, who works at Butt-Out, an electronic cigarette store in central Phoenix.

However, Denny said he's concerned the government will continue to regulate the industry, to the point where only large multi-national corporations can compete.

"(The FDA) could either handle (the regulations) very reasonable and control things that everyone wanted, or we might see unreasonable regulations," he said.

"If we're put to the same standards that cigarettes are - a product with a proven harm - then we're looking at testing and regulations that would drive anybody but a very large player out of the market," he continued.

The proposed rules, issued Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration, tread fairly lightly. They would ban sales to anyone under 18, add warning labels and require FDA approval for new products.

"We welcome the FDA's regulations that we've waited three to five years to see," said Christian Stumpf, the regional director of public policy for the American Lung Association.

"We would say this is a great first step. We want to continue to see these regulations enacted," he continued. 

Stumpf said he hopes the FDA enacts regulations against marketing toward minors and prohibiting flavored e-cigarettes. Currently, neither are banned.

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