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Lakeview teen helps police track down 3 armed robbery suspects

A Lakeview teenager helped New Orleans police track down three armed robbery suspects minutes after her aunt became a victim.

Police said 22-year-old Jamal Bartley, 19-year-old Jarvias Brown, and 21-year-old Gerald Williams confessed to three armed robberies.

Police said the crimes took place Wednesday on the 1400 block of Harrison in Gentilly, the 900 block of Porteous in Lakeview and the 6500 block of General Diaz Street in Lakeview.

"He had both of his hands on the gun, and he put the gun at my forehead, and said give me your phone," said the Porteous Street victim, whose identity is being concealed.

It took just moments for the woman to be stripped of her phone while, she says, she was sitting on her front stoop in broad daylight.

"It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and I was out here with my dog. My dog was in her fenced area and I was texting my sister," the victim said.

While she had her phone in her hands, she said men in a green truck passed by her. Suddenly, she said, they reversed the truck, jumped out and starting coming toward her.

"I thought they were asking for directions. The point that I felt I was in danger was when I saw the gun at my head. It was that fast," the victim said.

The robbers fled, but police weren't far behind. The victim said three policemen were at her house by the time her niece Kara showed up.

"I just got here and immediately thought, wait, we can find her phone on the app," said Kara.

The app is the "Find My iPhone" application. Kara used her aunt's iPad, signed in with her Apple ID number, and was able to see where the phone and the alleged robbers were headed.

"When we first got it, it was turning down Canal, and it was heading towards the Iberville Projects," said Kara.

The phone seemed to stop moving at the corner of Iberville and Marais, and detectives quickly dispatched that information.

"Our detectives and officers flooded that area," said New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas. "They set up in a way where the people didn't know we were looking, and when they came back we found them and we arrested them. We recovered stolen property, and we recovered incriminating evidence that they were in fact the three perpetrators."

It's a feat Kara wanted to make sure the fast-acting police were praised for.

"Now my aunt and the other victims can feel safe at night," Kara said, speaking to everyone at the Lakeview Crime Prevention District Board Meeting on Thursday.

She thanked the police, and she was recognized for her helpful cooperation.

She offered to teach everyone how to use the tracking application that lead to her aunt's phone and peace of mind.

"I'm so proud of her, so proud. We're very proud," said the victim.

Kara is a senior at Mount Carmel Academy. She plans to study law at LSU.

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