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Rep. Moore details future of jobs project to opponent on recording

File Photo: Rep. Barry Moore File Photo: Rep. Barry Moore

In an audio recording obtained by WSFA 12 News, recently indicted Rep. Barry Moore tells his future GOP primary opponent Josh Pipkin that if he decided to run for the Enterprise district seat, then it would put a jobs project in jeopardy.

WSFA 12 News confirmed with two sources that Pipkin was the individual who recorded the conversation, though Pipkin wouldn't confirm nor deny that claim.

Several times during the recording Moore relays to Pipkin information about conversations and exchanges that he had with House Speaker Mike Hubbard about the future of funding for an expansion at Enterprise State Community and additional jobs at the Enterprise Electrics Corporation.

Pipkin asks Moore, "Would he really withhold that money if I was running?"

Moore responded by saying, "I tell you what (Hubbard) told me. His text message to me was I will bring holy hell down on him. Those were his exact words and I thought "crap, this is getting out of hand. We've got to talk to Josh"

The attorney general's office announced Thursday morning that Rep. Moore had been indicted on four counts relating to alleged false statements that he made to investigators on January 24th. Moore has been indicted on two counts each of perjury and providing false statements to investigators.

According to the transcript of the conversations in the indictment, the alleged false statements are Moore denying any knowledge of threats to kill the funding for the projects that were lodged by Rep. Mike Hubbard, the Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Throughout the recording, Moore warns Pipkin of what may happen to the estimated 100 new jobs if he were to enter the race. They even discussed Rep. Hubbard's desire not to go against a member of the Alabama GOP Executive Committee, Pipkin.

Moore at one point tells Pipkin that "his time will come" to run for a State House seat.

Toward the end of the recording, Moore tells Pipkin that regardless of the political implications, he would continue to work to maintain the funding from the legislature to go toward ESCC and EEC.

Pipkin asks, "So if I run, y'all are going to withhold that funding for the junior college."

Moore replies, "Listen, I'm going to encourage the Speaker to do the deal whether you run or not. I'm going to try my damn level best to get him to do it and I don't think the mayor and Billy and none of those guys have anything to do with this. Jonathan is not a part of this and I'm going to encourage the speaker to do this either way."

Rep. Moore and his attorney never responded to repeated recordings for comment Thursday and Friday.

Rep. Hubbard's attorney Mark White said he was unavailable to comment on the audio recording.

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