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Class Act: Teacher adds confidence to curriculum

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Fifth grade can be an awkward time for many children but this weeks' Class Act won't let her students be shy, she incorporates kindness and confidence into her curriculum.

Andrea Myers is relatively new to teaching with just four years under her belt but she's wise beyond her years, stressing the importance of compassion and confidence to her class at Daniel Pratt Elementary School.

"You never say can't because if you say can't that means you won't, you will not do it.  It's always I can do something, if I don't know how, I'm going to figure out a way to do it," says Myers.

Her 5th graders say she's more like a friend and she makes you like coming to school. 

"She makes sure everyone gets it, she goes the extra mile for us, she's the teacher you're going to miss," says Isaac Gray, one of Myers' students.

Ms. Myers says she treats her students like she would her own children step into her classroom and you'll feel like family.  "I even attend their baseball games and sporting events, anything I can do to make them see ok she's out here helping me at my ball game, maybe I can do something extra for her in class and they do - they give me 110," she says.

Ms. Myers also gives 110%, helping students like Jake Johnson, who at the beginning of the year sat by himself and had trouble communicating due to a speech impairment.

"I tell Ms. Myers and she would help me…she's nice," says Johnson.  Myers says she made sure her other students helped Jake out and made him feel like he was part of the class.

Myers has helped students like Jake come out of his shell; she's even broke down in tears over recent progress during a recent class presentation.

"He's out there speaking, in front of the whole class and it's different for him because he's never done that before," says Myers.  "He got up and was acting out his presentation and I was like oh my gosh, the principal came in and we were all just boo-hoo crying," she adds.

Congratulations Ms. Myers, you're this weeks' Class Act!

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