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Yellow Dyno teaches child abuse awareness to children at young age

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April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and thanks in part to a grant from Children's Trust Fund of Alabama, children in Montgomery are learning about abuse in a somewhat unlikely way.

Nationwide, statistics indicate that a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.  In Alabama, in 2012, there were close to 10,000 children with indication of abuse or neglect (according to the Family Sunshine Center.)

So even though Child Abuse Awareness Month is coming to an end, education especially at a young age, could have a lifelong impact.

He sings, he dances and he's teaching children pre-k to 5th grade that "tricky people" can hurt or even abduct them.

"It's not necessarily who they know or how well they know them it's what they ask you to do," says Jennifer Hartley, Child Safety Advocacy & Training Supervisor at the Family Sunshine Center.

The Family Sunshine Center uses the Yellow Dyno program to let kids know that it's ok to tell someone you trust that somebody's trying to hurt you.  The program teaches children that "tricky people," don't necessarily look like bad people and they may not be strangers.  Yellow Dyno teaches children to start yelling for help if they find themselves in a situation that scares them.

"One in five boys and one in five girls are abused before the age of 18 and out of those, 90% of those are by people they know," says Harley.

A serious message conveyed in a light-hearted way that innocent children have to comprehend to be safe in today's world.  First graders at Morningview Elementary understood that there are people out there trying to trick you and they could even try and kill you.

Family Sunshine Center Supervisors say its key to reach the children when they're young and they know the program works because they've seen the results first hand.  "Even if it's just one child, we're reaching at least one," adds Hartley.

One child and one puppet breaking the cycle of abuse.

Hartley says she recently overheard two young girls talking about Yellow Dyno at the grocery store.  They had been separated from their parents and wanted to yell for help.  She says just the fact that they knew they could yell is all that matters.

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