Editorial: "Top of Mind"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Well here we are back in the midst of another severe weather season and Mother Nature is already showing us her angry side. This week's storms are a reminder that we all need to remain vigilant and have a safety plan in our homes when severe weather strikes.

If you have lived in Alabama or the south for any period of time you have become accustomed to the words "safe place." When tornadoes are eminent or on the ground meteorologists, such as ours here at WSFA 12 News, will tell you get to your "safe place" immediately. In that safe place you will best served if you have your cell phone, weather radio or a portable television to keep you informed of the storms progress and path.

I'd like to add another item to keep you and your family safe in your "safe place"– a helmet. I don't care if it's a baseball, football, motorcycle or bike helmet, just put it on. A review of 50 years of literature by UAB report found head injuries were the most common cause of tornado deaths.

So I'm asking you to keep protective head gear top of mind and on top of your family's heads this severe weather season when a threat is eminent. Anything that can reduce injuries and deaths during a storm is worth doing and this is a simple way of improving your chances of withstanding significant injury during a storm.

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