Editorial: "Clipped"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You are never too old to learn a lesson, so they say.  We hope the 80 year old owner of the LA Clippers learned one this week when his private conversation with then-girlfriend/mistress was made public. With a forked tongue and simple-mindedness Donald Sterling spoke in a disgusting and derogatory fashion about "blacks."

His remarks were insensitive, outrageous and intolerable. The new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, agreed and quickly made the decision to ban Donald Sterling from the NBA for life, fine him the league maximum $2.5 million dollars and is taking steps to force Mr. Sterling to sell the team.  No one should feel sorry for Sterling if he is forced to sell, as he could be in for a $1 billion dollar pay day.

This situation is a bold reminder that success in business does not equate to goodness of heart or equal respect for ones fellow man. Donald Sterling at 80 years of age is not going to change, but what will change is his ability to participate in the NBA for one second more.

We acknowledge and support the swift, stern and decisive nature in which the NBA has dealt with this man and his actions. There shouldn't be a place in sport for ANYONE, especially someone in a position of power, to extol their bigoted viewpoints without consequence and we are pleased to see the NBA feels the same way.

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