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Alabama's SADD campaign kicks off

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Students around Alabama are learning what it means to make good decisions, and influence their friends to do the same.

Thursday, Alabama kicked off its annual SADD campaign - that stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions.

"A lot of our peers always feel the need to fit in." High school student Cheyenne Trujillo admits it's almost a rite of a passage for teenagers. "They do whatever it takes to fit in."

By making a promise to make better decisions, high school students from around the state are working to influence their friends to do the same.   "earlier this year we did teen safe driving, and now in the later half of the year we have focus on bullying," Trujillo says.

"They should not be bullies, they should not drink and drive, they should not be texting while driving."  Austin Smith's school launched an anti-bullying campaing called "I Am" to "focus on what makes you you and help you be proud of who you are".

There's a reason these lessons are being taught to high school students before they come to college campuses.  It's about building a strong foundation.  "You believe that being myself, that being different, is the best thing ever," says Smith.  Trujillo agrees, "one thing about not compromising your beliefs, standing up for what you believe in, it doesn't ostracize you, it doesn't make you one individual, it shows you all the other individuals that stand with you, that believe exactly what you believe, that you're not alone".

Taking a stand now to be a positive role model in the future.

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