Editorial: “It’s the Law”

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last Friday Hoover, Alabama police confirmed that a vehicle struck and killed a construction worker along Interstate 459; the victim was working on an ALDOT road repaving project.  This tragedy is a bold reminder that all drivers must heed the reduced speed limits, orange cones and lane closures in and around roadway construction zones not to forget school zones and neighborhoods.

I pass though at least one construction zone on I-85 coming into the station each morning.   This area is designated with reduced speed limits, but the problem is no one is observing the posted speed limit and almost everyone is driving well above it.  It's a literal accident just waiting to happen.

In order to get drivers to slow down law enforcement officers will use various methods to get our attention.  These would include doubling fines in construction zones, patrols in unmarked cars or the use of marked automated unmanned speed enforcement cars; all which we support as anything that can prevent an accident is worthwhile.

Hindsight being 20/20, anyone that has ever been in an accident or been ticketed would have done things differently if given the opportunity. Swell, here's your opportunity, slow down, pay attention and observe and obey the posted speed limits; you might just avoid a fine and a worse yet, a potential life altering event.

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