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Doctor says synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous


Those who abuse synthetic drugs to get high are suffering the high price on the body, according to physicians.

Twenty-four hours after law enforcement made nearly 40 arrests in 10 Alabama counties, we checked into why synthetic drugs are the big thing now in the drug culture.

Dr. Scott Bell has practiced medicine for 20 years and fully understands, of course, how complex the human brain is. Assault it synthetic drugs such as bathsalts or synthetic marijuana and you got problems.

"If the brain gets over activated it can affect the cardio-vascular system," Bell said.

"It makes people psychotic," said Gov. Robert Bentley.

Bell's illustration using a chart of the human body comes one day after law enforcement agencies arrested suspects in 29 states including Alabama. The suspects face charges in connection with synthetic drugs.

Undercover agents say synthetic drugs are killing teens and the drugs carry a street value ranging from $50 to $100.

Bell says it's beyond him why anyone would even try the drug considering the real damaging affects to the central nervous system; agitation, psychosis and suicidal thoughts.

"You can affect the heart and the blood vessels which can also be dangerous," Bell said.

One surefire way to prevent it is to don't start.

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