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County Road 12: Eggs and Adventures


At Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy, you see it all. Human fooseball, climbing kids and frequent flybys...but its not just the zip liners that have folks looking up here.

Ron Pierce noticed the nest of a Red Shouldered Hawk last year and when he saw it again this year, he wanted to see what those babies were doing so he put a camera on a piece of PVC piping, to get a birds eye view.

Now that view is streaming live on the web for everyone to see.

The nest is about 30 feet above the ground, but in order to catch a glimpse, you have to fly. After taking a zip line through the woods like Tarzan, and thanks to Pierce's camera, we got a peak inside the nest.

At a place where folks are used to seeing things flying, it's the little ones who can't fly yet, that seem to be getting most of the attention.

With Photojournalist Jeff Harrison, I'm Judd Davis in Troy out along County Road 12.


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