Ken Hare In Depth: Consultant critical of ASU management structure

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The outside consultant who reviewed and made suggestions on a proposed reorganization plan for Alabama State University found that the current structure was put in place in part "simply to keep the peace and everyone happy."

[DOCUMENT: ASU Desk Audit (.pdf)]

In a report to ASU President Gwendolyn Boyd, the consultant wrote:

"It was noted by a number of employees interviewed that the reporting structure currently in place was not always done in an effort to improve efficiency or effectiveness of the operation, but rather the result of either a lack of communications between different departments or personality differences between employees."

Stephen J. Smith, senior partner of the H.R. Group, wrote that "there seems to be climate where departments and/or individuals operate in silos rather than always addressing issues that would tend to serve the overall best interest of the students and the university. As a result, and in an attempt to simply keep the peace and everyone happy, some individuals and responsibilities were placed under a different reporting structure that at times may not have always been the best fit for the work that needed to be done by the department."

Smith wrote that continuing the current reporting structures creates the possibility that the university "will not only experience reduced efficiency and effectiveness in its operation, but would also over the long-run experience higher cost and decreased satisfaction from the students served by the university."

Boyd has recommended sweeping changes in the ASU organization chart, including the elimination of several vice presidential jobs and having more top administrators report directly to her. The changes must be approved by the board of trustees to become effective.

Other recommendations by the consultant involved the athletic advisement, human resources, housing, financial aid and the university police department. ​

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