Peace Run heads north from Hub City - Montgomery Alabama news.

Peace Run heads north from Hub City


The Oneness World Peace Run team made its way north from the Hub City on Saturday after visiting the area Friday.

The team is made up of ten runners from six countries who are taking part in a four-month-ten-thousand mile torch run across the country and parts of Mexico and Canada. The torch run started in 1987 as the world harmony run and is the largest and longest grassroots effort for peace. It was inspired by visionary Sri Chinmoy as a way to give people an outlet to express their hopes and dreams.

“We are all the same and we are spreading the message of peace that's with each one of us and people really really respond to it and they are so happy to hold the torch and make their wish for peace and it actually makes them happy and some people say that we made their day and it gives them hope as well and a feeling of goodness,” said team runner Vera Sevastiyanova.

The team is continuing their journey up Highway 49 toward Jackson looking for people to add their hopes and dreams in a global wave of friendship and goodwill.

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