Exploring Alabama - Montgomery Museum

We often think of culture as residing away from our home towns...but not true for Montgomery.

Recently I dropped in on the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts for a personal tour of a really impressive exhibit - the works of 19th century sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Saint-Gaudens impressionable teenaged years coincided with turmoil of America 's civil war. Notables and unknowns from that era became his subjects. Included in the exhibit are smaller scaled versions of some of his best known public statues and memorials around the country. Visitors to Chicago may recognize his pensive Abraham Lincoln.

A number of his "public art" pieces found homes in New York City. Included are the Sherman Monument that stands across from New York's Plaza and Diana, the goddess of the hunt - that once adorned the top of the old Madison Square Garden.

Another of his famous works is on a much smaller scale compared to his 18-foot-tall Diana. At just a bit over 1 and a quarter inches in diameter - Saint Gaudens' beautiful low relief image of lady liberty graces ten and twenty dollar gold pieces...minted beginning in 1907.

The exhibit contains 70 pieces that explore seven of Saint Gaudens important sculptural monument commissions through full sized casts and bronze reductions....as well as his low relief portrait sculpture and designs for coins.

The exhibit runs through January 2nd.

(Please click on the video link above to see these works and more pieces in the exhibit.)