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Community reacts to officer's shooting death


There are many people still in shock after the loss of Birmingham Police Officer Keary Hollis. Hollis was killed late Saturday after being shot in the parking lot of a convenience store.

Twelve hours after Hollis was shot to death, it was another normal day at the convenience store where the slaying occurred.

"I just live up the street on the Boulevard, and I come here early in the morning, and I can come here late at night, no problems," Monica Lewis said.

Hollis was at the store to make a purchase, according to a store employee. He was not in uniform, and Hollis and the suspect are said to have known each other. The argument that ultimately led to Hollis' death is not characteristic of how people at the store react to confrontations, according to Lewis.

"It's just sad that it had to happen that way. I guess it's just a sign of the times, is all I can say. Just pray for his family," said Lewis.

"I don't really quite know the victim, but I'm hearing about all these crimes happening, people dying left and right, one after another. All I can do is pray and, hopefully, God will change the mind of these wrong-doers out here in the world, and hopefully we can live a peaceful life," said Simon Perdue.

Some saddened by Hollis' death say they feel for his three young children and his mother.

"That's what makes it even worse. People should be celebrating Mother's Day with their mothers," Michael Davis said.

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